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What will be your family program focus? Describe the specific children’s early skill that the activity aims to promote. Explain the theoretical rationales of promoting this e


Part A:

What will be your family program focus?

  1. Describe the specific children’s early skill that the activity aims to promote.
  2. Explain the theoretical rationales of promoting this early skill.
  3. Describe the theory of change that supports your activity.

Part B:

What does your activities look like?

Describe your activities with details. Create a name for your “activity” and clearly state “step 1” “step2” “step 3”

Part C.

Create an invitation letter to parents and invite parents to the event. In this letter, you need to effectively introduce yourself, what parents are expected to do during the activity, time/location of the event, and alterative activity if parents cannot come to the event.

Draft a letter to parents and invite them to participate the activity.

Part D.

Explain how to evaluate the impact of the activity to children’s development and the quality of parent-child interactions

Keyla Baquedano Dr. Zhang BRFV 4400 Family and Community Relationships Assignment II: Set-up a program structure July 03, 2021

Assignment III: Invite families to participate.

Part A

Family activities will focus on REAL WORLD PROJECTS. Parents will have a wonderful opportunity to support their young children 3 to 5 years old with social emotional skills. I will provide parents resources that will help their child to build Decision-Making skills. I will be focusing in promote the Decision-Making skill because this will help the child to be independent. I will teach the parents how to implement these activities in their daily life through playing and responsibilities.

The specific skills that I will be focusing in is Decision-Making through daily playing and responsibilities. It is important to let the child be wrong. Parents must encourage them to try again, not emphasizing what they have done wrong, but rather the fact that they can try again. Make clear the rules that cannot be exceeded. Value the achievements that children achieve and teach them to value them for themselves,

Based on Herbert A. Simon's theory families can stimulate social time when the family heatedly discussed real life situations. Thus, I want to introduce parents to different strategies to promote decision-making skill to the children. I will be teaching and guiding the parents in how to create situation in the house that will help to promote and develop these skills.

Young children decision- making skills are important. Based on Herbert A. Simon’s theory, it helps the child to have autonomy, to have their own criteria to make decisions. Thanks to learning to make decisions and accepting their consequences, children will become independent and self-confident adults. Families can stimulate this skill through daily interactions with children. This program will provide strategies for families to learn and promote about the different strategies in decision-making in young children. Families will be guided to implement a variety of decision- making activities at home during the workshops. As result, children will improve their decision- making skill to develop autonomy.

Part B

Activity name: This or That

This activity will take place twice at month from 3pm to 4pm in the month of July in 2023

Step 1: Before the parents arrived, I will create flash card with pictures, and place them inside the box. (5 minutes)

Step 2: When the parents arrived, I will tell the to make groups of 2. I will make small groups because this will create a better understanding of the activity. (5 minutes)

Step 3: I will proceed to talk about the importance of Decision- Making skills. I will explain that knowing how to make decisions is important for the following reasons: Knowing how to choose between various alternatives thoughtfully and independently will make the children the protagonist of their decisions and they will responsibly assume the consequences of their actions, thus building their own future safely.

(10 minutes)

Step 4: In the small groups one parent will have to choose between two different things that are inside the box, and them parent 2 will point at each picture, and ask parent one to first name the two things. Then parent 2, ask questions like “Would you rather be this or that?” For instance, parent 1 could point at an ant and an elephant and ask parent 2 which they would rather be and why. (20 minutes)

Step 5: I will ask the parent how the activity went, and if they have question about it. (5 minutes)

Step 6: When the parents are clear, I will give to each of a box with picture inside to practice this game at home, so in the next meeting they can share how did activity go at home. (5 minutes)

Step 7: I will close the meeting by telling them how thankful I am that they had fun and learn new things in the meeting, I will also stick around 5 to 10 minutes in case someone have questions or concert. (10 minutes)

Part C

Dear Mrs. Baquedano and family,


I am so exited to be the director of the parent program in this Daycare Center. We will have different adventures together as we learn about the importance of decision- making in the young years in life.

This is my 8th year working in this center. Each year is different and special, and I can not wait to meet all of you. In our school their so much that we want to share with you. I have been busy getting ready with the set-up, activities, and resources that we will be using in our workshop. When you come to school, please feel free to bring your children favorite toy. You will take the toy back home after the workshop.

I can not wait to meet you and your family at the workshop. This will take place on July 5, and July 25, 2023, from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the community center in our city at room 402.

Please let us know if you can not join us in the workshop, so we can share the information with you through the school app. If you have any question or concern, contact me at [email protected] or call me at 770-885-7409 Monday through Friday from 12:00 PM to 5PM

Enjoy the rest of your week and see you soon!

Your program Director,

Keyla Baquedano

Part D

First, I will evaluate the impact of this activity by observing and taking notes during the workshop. I will evaluate if it was easy for the parents to understand about the focus of this workshop. Second, I will ask the parent for their support in recording a video when they play the activity with the child. At the second meeting They will have the opportunity to present and discuss with me how this activity has helped their child with Decision-Making process. Lastly, I will see the interest of the parent about the workshop to see if we can continue to make more with different topics of their interest.


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