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Weekly Clinical Communication NU673 Psychiatric Mental Healthcare

Course Description

This course prepares students to assess, diagnose, and manage mental health care needs across the lifespan. Emphasis will be placed on underlying acute and chronic psychiatric/mental health diagnoses. Clinical opportunities will be utilized for all PMHNP to apply concepts in primary and acute care settings with adults and families.

Program: Graduate Nursing

Student Name:

For the week of [date] – [date]
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Clinical Hours completed this week

Patient Encounters completed this week

Total Clinical Hours completed to date

Total Approved Patient Encounters completed to date

Clinical Highlights

Choose one or more of the following to guide your self-reflection of your experience this week. Do not report on an extended SOAP note patient. The reflection should be a minimum of 100 to 150 words.

· Discuss an encounter that was particularly interesting and what you learned from it?

· Discuss a difficult or challenging encounter and how you handled it?

· Discuss an example of how you were able to independently contribute to this week’s encounters?

· Were there any patient management plans developed by your preceptor that surprised you?

· Were you able to “teach” your preceptor anything this week?

· Identify a personal learning need you discovered while assessing or managing a specific diagnosis. What steps will you take to improve your understanding or skills?

· What insights did you gain during your experience this week that will prove most helpful for future encounters?

· What personal success do you want to celebrate?

· If I could have a do over, I would have done this instead……


Type your response here –

Looking Ahead

· What clinical goal would you like to tackle next week ?

· What is your proposed clinical schedule (date/time/total hours) for next week ?


Type your response here –

I am going to email/message you to further discuss … (Optional)

· Reviewing a challenging patient encounter.

· Challenges/concerns with my preceptor and/or my clinical site.

· The absence of the application of EBP/CPGs in the clinical setting.

· Challenges with gaining access to enough patients in the required age range.

· Challenges with gaining access to a wide variety of diagnoses for the course population.

· Incorrect action(s) taken by me at the clinical site.

· Locating resources to assist with my clinical experience.

· Anything else . . .

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