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Water Security

In 2021, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report titled, The Future of Water: Water Insecurity Threatening Global Economic Growth, Political Stability. You can access the report here –

This is a deeper look into the issue of water scarcity and the global implications that can come from not having enough water. The goal of reading this report is to take you as a student beyond your home and give you a wider perspective of future plans and how those plans will impact our water supply. What happens when we reach the point where there is not enough fresh, available drinking water for everyone? Think of all the processes for which water is a necessity from food production to the manufacturing of goods, waste treatment, energy production, and many others.
Read the report and then post the following discussion:

How realistic is the goal of achieving universal access to a clean water supply under current political and economic conditions?

You must support your answer with scientific evidence from the report, other learning materials from this week, or other reputable sources. You can reference those sources by simply including a link at the end of your post.

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