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TO BEGIN: Read the following introduction and then write an essay 500-550 words in length:

TO BEGIN: Read the following introduction and then write an essay
500-550 words in length:
A current infamous forger, Wolfgang Beltracchi, who was assisted by his
wife and cohort, Helene, have certainly caused some problems in the art
world, while jeopardizing how renowned institutions of art operate, namely
Museums, infamous Auction Houses, as well as Collectors of art from all
over the world.
1.answer the question, HOW? The answer is not just the status of art institutions, such as Museums and
Auction Houses, which are important, or the reputations of Art
Collectors but instead, how have these institutions, particularly
museums been affected by Beltracchi’s forgeries now entered into their
art collections?
2. The following questions and/or statements are meant to guide your
writing. Do Not Answer The Following Questions, One After Another.
After students have viewed the 2 Videos provided and the 2 readings
(two short essays), then review this list of questions again. I am
interested in your opinions on forgeries and also the current forger Wolfgang Beltracchi and how he fooled the World of Art with his forgeries

3. to identify where else besides a museum’s Collections of
Art can Beltracchi’s forgeries have far-reaching effects? In other words,
how else can a new accession, such as Beltracchi’s artwork
(forgeries), be seen and studied by the public throughout the world of
4. It seems that Beltracchi feels he has done the ‘world of art’ a favor by
duping ‘us all’ via his forgeries! He speaks as if he has not benefitted
financially by forging the hand of other artists! Actually, Beltracchi
became very wealthy from his forgeries! – If you were on the jury for his
trial, would you have found him guilty?
5. Why were both Beltracchi and his wife Helene’s prison sentences ‘cut
short?’ Both individuals did not receive, in my opinion, harsh sentences
or fines. Feel free to disagree with me but do state your opinion. Yes,
their fines were in the millions of dollars, but WHY did museums not
pursue fining Beltracchi for every forgery which museums, and also
Auction Houses, and private collectors had uncovered and perhaps still
continue today?
6. It surprises me that Beltracchi is not shunned by Art Collectors. Why
do some Art Collectors do business with the artist today? Would you?
7. Given that Beltracchi’s damage, OR, contributions to the Art World are
now complete, or not, what might you discuss with the artist if you had
the opportunity to speak with him?
8. What might you discuss with a museum, if you were given the
opportunity, concerning the topic of art forgeries?
9. Is there a global lesson for all art institutions to learn given Beltracchi’s
audacious forging endeavors?

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