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Theater Designers

A large portion of your Unit III reading was about theatre designers.

This exercise is about the people who create the world of the play.

Southeastern Theatre has three designers:

Mona Jahani – Costume Design –

Benjamin M. Norman – Lighting Design – to an external site.

Steve Schepker – Scenic Design – to an external site.
First, take a minute and look at the links each designers’ work. Consider that the designer is only designing in their area of expertise and they are only responsible for that element.

Next, decide which area of design is most interesting to you and take a more in-depth look at their respective web pages.
Finally, describe why you picked the designer. Why are you drawn to it? Would you like to try to design a show? Have you ever worked in the theatre? What is their best work? What is their weakest work? How does that work help tell the story? Does it set the tone and style of the production? Can you tell what the period, or the year, the production is set? Is the genre of the production revealed by the design?

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