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The role of the media

The goal of this assignment is to reflect on the role of the media, including social media, and how one can judge the truthfulness of news stories and legitimacy of news sources.

First, review We the People chapter 7.
Then read this article by Samantha Masunaga, a reporter with the Los Angeles Times:
Masunaga, Samantha. “The Dubious History of the Santa Monica Observer, the Outlet Behind that False Paul Pelosi Story.” The Los Angeles Times (October 31, 2022): (also available as a pdf — text only– here).
Background: Paul Pelosi, the husband of Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, was attacked in their San Francisco home by a man looking for Nancy Pelosi so that he could harm her. Speaker Pelosi was not in California at the time of the attack. Almost immediately, false stories about the attack circulated. This article discusses one source of false stories.
Using the information in chapter 7 of We the People and these tips for assessing a news source from SmartNews (at, answer the following in a short essay about one page long, typed double-spaced (this is about 250-300 words). Refer to these sources as Ginsberg et al., SmartNews, and Masunanga (this is the author of the Los Angeles Timesarticle).
How does Masananga’s story illustrate concerns about online news sources and social media? How can people guard against “fake news”? What clues indicate that the Santa Monica Observer is not a credible news source? What clues indicate that The Los Angeles Times is a credible news source?

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