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Strategic HR Plan

Week 7: Key Assignment, Part III – Final Paper (Week 3,5 & 7)

The culminating Key Assignment – HR Strategic Plan, due in Week 7 will reflect all that you have learned in this course. To ensure you are prepared and have adequate time to complete this assignment, please review the instructions by looking ahead to the key assignment. There are deliverables in weeks 3 (Part I), 5 (Part II) and 7 (Part III). Contact your professor if you have questions.

HR Policy and the implementation of policy vary based on organizational norms and adherence and interpretation of the relevant federal and state laws. The ideal Strategic HR Plan outlines how the gaps between present and future capabilities will be addressed, enabling businesses to effectively pursue their company goals.

In most organizations, managers have a responsibility to fulfill expectations in the areas of corporate governance, transparency of policies, accountability, and economic efficiency. For organizations to be successful in these areas, they need to have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time to carry out the strategy.

Human resource policies outline how an organization will treat its people and property providing a framework for the organization for consistency and ethical decision making. Human resources policies are guidelines for hiring, work processes, compensation, leave, training, promotion, work environments, termination, and other important functions.
Imagine you are the HR Director of your organization. This could be your place of employment today or, if you are not working or do not have a frame of reference, you can choose an organization by doing an internet search on the 2023 list of great places to work:
In your quarterly executive meeting, The CEO just announced plans to expand the business a minimum of 30% in the next 3-5 years.
In your current review of the organization, you have identified gaps in productivity, innovativeness, profitability (or cost effectiveness), and employee morale. All of which are much lower than they should be to meet today’s competitive and social challenges. You are now even more concerned after your quarterly meeting and especially with plans of future growth of 30%.

With the knowledge gained, you are tasked with developing a Strategic HR Plan by formulating gap strategies and organizational policies to support and align with the strategic direction of the organization. Your Strategic HR Plan will be presented to the Board of Directors in the next quarterly meeting.

The strategies that you choose to address the gaps in your analysis may affect any of these areas within the organization:
§ Job/Work Design
§ Selection/Staffing
§ Performance Management
§ Compensation/Rewards
§ Training/Development
§ Employee Relations
§ Safety and Health
§ Workforce Diversity

HR Policies that you could choose from to include in your Strategic HR Plan could be in any of these areas:
• Hiring Practices
• At-Will Employment
• Conduct Policies
• Work Processes
• Compensation
• Leave Policies
• Training & Development
• Promotion
• Work Environment & Safety
• Disciplinary/Termination Policies
• Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment

For your final Strategic HR Plan, Members of the Board of Directors will be looking at (1) the soundness and innovativeness of your recommended HR Strategic Plan, (2) evidence of industry-study, and library research, and (3) the quality of your presentation.

For Week 7, Key Assignment, Part III – students will combine, Part I (week 3 assignment) and Part II (week 5 assignment). IN ADDITION, Students will add an introduction as well as a summary or conclusion (Part III).

Student should write a well-researched paper, approximately 6-8 pages and double-spaced (not counting a title page, table of contents, references or appendices). Your final paper should include a minimum of 6 scholarly resources.

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