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Research Topic/Hypothesis

You have a choice in how you approach thisResearch Report. First read the project instructions, then complete this discussion.

Your hypothesis and topic determines what you choose to analyze. We are starting our research report NOW by developing a hypothesis to use in your paper.

There are many ways that you can look at this assignment. You could be interested in the Stroop Effect and age so you analyze the data by age.

You may be interested in gender differences or even gender by age differences.

You may be interested in something else, like if the participant has uses caffeine or not. You can create a new variable in the Research Report data and put a 1 if the participant was an athlete and a 0 if not. Then you can analyze the data by that grouping. You can make up a new variable for how many drinks the participant had prior to doing the lab. You can see if there is a correlation between the number of drinks and the time they spent on the lab.

Let me know if you want to do this and we can talk about the best way to organize your data.

Remember that any good researcher looks at the background literature (i.e., previous published research) before deciding on a specific research idea and hypothesis. Make sure that there is something that supports your idea!

Compose your response to this discussion with your name as the subject. Describe your research idea and topic and state your hypothesis. You will write this paper in third person so your hypothesis should be in third person as well. For instance, “It is hypothesized that males will have less of a difference between the two Stroop Tasks than females” and NOT “My hypothesis is that males will have less difference in times time than females.” Also tell me how you plan (or think you might plan) to analyze the data. It’s okay if you are not sure about this- we will discuss it and I will give you some guidance if necessary.

For example: My research idea is about whether or not gender influences the Stroop Effect. It is hypothesized that there will be a significant difference between men and women. I will use a t test to analyze the data.

Note: Your data includes gender (1=Male, 2=Female), age, time to READ the words, and time to SAY the colors.

Also, please use at least 50 subjects in each group but you should aim to use as many participants as possible! There is no reason to discard good data.

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