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Reflect and Review Performance Debrief

art 1: Reflective Essay

Develop an insightful, reflection essay analyzing what you learned throughout the Project-based Learning (PBL) Experience and Ethical Leadership and Data-driven Decision-Making course. You may create your own headings for organization purposes; however, do not simply list each question and then answer it. This essay should be be a cohesive narrative.

Questions to address in the reflective essay.

What did you discover about yourself about an aspiring leader and learner?
What professional skills did you discover that you did not know you possessed? What gaps did you uncover? How will you develop each area moving forward?
Moving forward, how will participating in this learning experience change you as an educational professional, aspiring leader, and learner?
What parts of the PBL experience did you enjoy the most? The least?
What parts of the Ethical Leadership and Data-driven Decision-Making course did you enjoy the most? The least?
What advice would you give future students coming into this learning experience to help them be more successful?
What is at least one thing you are going to take away and put into action immediately?
General Assignment Guidelines

Based on the guidelines outlined above, create a minimum 4+ page (not counting cover, reference, or appendix pages) narrative reflective essay that addresses all bulleted points.
Include a Fischler College of Education APA 7 standard cover page and paper format. fse_standard_format.pdf
If appropriate, include a properly formatted reference page/list, in APA 7 format of all the research resources examined and included in the paper.
Part 2: Artifact/Evidence Chart

Begin Part 2 by creating a page break, and then start with the heading Part 2: Artifact/Evidence Chart. Write a brief introduction to Part 2 explaining what it is. Then complete the data chart in PBL Assignment 6 Form (in Modules section – Week 8) and use it as part of your Introduction for Part 2.

Next, provide detailed artifacts as evidence of work related to the specified PBL (minimum of 5 different artifact types – see list below and you can discuss this with your mentor). These evidence artifacts should be added as Appendices to your reflective essay. Be sure to label each Appendix. Refer to your APA 7 Handbook for assistance with proper formatting.

Examples can include, but are not limited to, the following:

Meeting notes with mentor on defining problem
Works cited from research (annotated bibliography)
Data gathering (e.g., forms of data collected that demonstrate the existence of the problem) CAEP A.1.1
Data analysis process and results (charts, notes, etc.) CAEP A.1.1
Graphic organizers used for brainstorming
Meeting minutes or all other types of communications (emails, notes, presentations) CAEP A.1.1
Evidence of working on team
Surveys (questions and results)
Forms of feedback received from stakeholders
Presentations (media, notes) CAEP A.1.1

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