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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 309.81 (F43.10)

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 309.81 (F43.10)
  • Use DSM-5 for information on disorder
  • A title page with the name of the disorder (and ICD10 code), the student’s name, the class name, and the date
  • A one paragraph summary of the diagnosis in your own words- what are the main characteristics?
  • Diagnostic Features, prevalence, development, and course, comorbidity with other diagnoses, cultural considerations
  • Verbatim (quoted and cited) diagnostic criteria for the diagnosis
  • Screening tool or symptom checklist that can be used during the diagnostic process for this diagnosis.
  • Decision tree which shows a path towards this diagnosis and relevant rule out diagnoses.
  • Article critique of one empirical (peer-reviewed journal article) article discussing treatment or intervention for this diagnosis
  • 3 internet resources for client education on the diagnosis, 1 internet resource for family or client support, and information (name, website, location, phone number, how are services funded, how does a potential client schedule a visit/intake? on 3 agencies (local to where the student lives) from which the client could seek treatment services. (TOTAL of 7 resources- 3 internet psychoeducation, 1 internet support, and 3 local treatment agencies)

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