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Policy Memo

Assignment 1: Policy Memo
Write a policy analysis paper that critically examines the relationship between the political process
and the policymaking process. Select a specific policy issue of interest to you and apply relevant
political and policy theories to analyze how the political process has influenced the policymaking
process in that particular case.
In your paper, address the following points:
1. Provide a brief overview of the chosen policy issue, its historical context, and its significance.
2. Identify and explain the key political issue relevant to understanding the political and
policymaking processes (a single topic). Be sure to use supporting facts and data.
3. Discuss a potential proposed solution for solving the problem in which you have provided context
regarding (i.e., more funding toward a specific type of programming)
4. Provide a counterargument for why some might oppose your potential solution; return in-kind
to why their assessment may be inaccurate/irrelevant, etc.

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