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Please send an outline before starting the essays and send it to me.

Please send an outline before starting the essays and send it to me.

redo the isreal and Palestine presnetiaon into an essay

This assessment is a 1500-word essay on the same topic as the presentation



Students are expected to present the assignment in the form of an essay not exceeding 1500 words. Students should refer to the recommended textbooks as well as demonstrate independent research by collating and analysing information from external sources such as journals/articles from the internet, and other relevant texts and materials. At the end of the essay students should provide a detailed bibliography identifying sources and must also make use of in-text citation to reference source. The bibliography does not form part of the overall word count.



The assignment counts 50% of the overall mark Module.

Marks will be given for:

Understanding of the main questions and issues involved by the research topic.

Level and quality of the response to the question (critical analysis and reflection).

Level of the response to and engagement with the challenges posed by the question (research).

Use and reference to the main and relevant theories in international relations and approaches to diplomacy.

Organisation, structure and overall presentation of the essay.

Accuracy with formal aspects, including referencing systems (please use the Harvard System:, similarity, and correct spelling.

Use of at least 5/10 sources, mostly academic (scholarly books, academic journals, book chapters, think-tank reports).

Other forms of assessment will be considered for learners with Support Agreements and requiring adjustments.

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