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Please choose from one of the following topics:

Please choose from one of the following topics:
Groups of Native Americans lived in the area now know as the Santa Clara Valley for thousands of years before people from other continents arrived. The Ohlone nation was one of the most recent groups. Describe the use and importance of one plant to the Ohlone people, how they used it, where it grew, and whether it is still used today.
Many residents of the Santa Clara Valley have strong and recent ties to cultures from around the world. Please research one useful plant from a country of your family’s origin. (Example: if your parents immigrated to the US from Vietnam, choose a plant that has been used by the people of Vietnam.) Describe the use and importance of that plant, and whether it is still being used today.
Almost all cultures around the world recognize that plants can be used to treat diseases and improve health. Research one medicinal plant, and describe how it can be used, what it treats, when its usefulness was discovered, and by whom.
Invasive plants are plants that are non-native, spread easily, and are difficult to control. Describe one important invasive plant found in the Santa Clara Valley, why it causes problems, how to recognize it, and what can be done to help control it.
Your presentation should include a PowerPoint (or similar) kind of presentation. Instead of PowerPoint, you can use any other presentation software, such as Google Slides or OpenOffice.

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