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Performance evaluation

You are the Chief Nursing Officer at a hospital and you have recently noticed that one of your nurse managers has been struggling with her performance. You have received feedback from others that the nurse manager is disorganized, makes frequent errors, and has missed important deadlines. You have also noticed that the nurse manager seems to be unhappy and stressed at work.

Furthermore, patient satisfaction scores are declining, and nurses are expressing workplace dissatisfaction and have reported personnel concerns to the Human Resources Department.

You decide to use a win-win approach to deliver a performance review to Jane and help her improve her performance. The nurse manager has several years of management experience but is new to the organization.

Develop your win-win approach for delivering the performance review. Your approach should:

Focus on identifying solutions and opportunities for improvement rather than criticizing or blaming the nurse.

Emphasize the importance of collaboration, support, and feedback for achieving mutual goals and improving performance.

Use specific examples and evidence to support feedback and recommendations.
Provide clear and actionable feedback and recommendations for improvement.

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