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No unread replies.No replies. Here’s how the Peer Review Workshop will work:

No unread replies.No replies.

Here’s how the Peer Review Workshop will work:

As you are working on your essay and reviewing your peers’ essays, it’s always helpful to look back at Essay #1: Technology and Identity (Guidelines & Materials) that was introduced in Week 3.


1.) You will post your Rough Draft of Essay #1 on this Discussion by 11:59 pm on Thursday.
2.) On Friday morning, I will assign you to work with two students, (though it could be more or less, depending on the amount of submissions). This will be sent out in an Announcement to the entire class.
3.) You will answer the questions below about the essays you evaluate, and then reply to your peers by 11:59 pm on Saturday.
4.) Once you are finished with this process, you can revise and edit your essay (based on your peers’ feedback) and the Final Draft will be submitted by 11:59 on Tue., April 25th

Submission Requirements: As for the submission of your rough draft, you can copy and paste it in the text window or attach it as a document. If you attach a document, please use Microsoft Word, PDF, and if you use a Google Doc., either convert it to a PDF or Word doc. or make sure that it is accessible (and permission is not required). If you are using Pages on a Mac (like me), make sure that you “export” it to a PDF or Word Doc. Do not submit it as a Pages document.

**Note, if you Do Not Submit your Rough Draft by the time and date listed above, you will Not Be Able to participate in the Workshop, forfeiting 25 pts. Furthermore, if you submit your essay and do not provide feedback to your peers, you will receive 0 pts.

Questions to Answer in your Reply to your Peers:

Keep this in mind as you read and respond to your peer’s essay:

Do not concern yourself with grammar, spelling, or punctuation (unless you have time after you’ve answered the questions below). For now, as Straub says, “concentrate on the large picture: the paper’s focus; the content; the writer’s voice.” Be critical, but be constructive.

1.) What are your thoughts on the title and introduction? How could the writer make the introduction more engaging?

2.) While this essay doesn’t require a thesis statement, there still needs to be a controlling idea that conveys the essay’s purpose. Therefore, does the writer have a controlling idea, and if so, please write it here in your own words. If there is no controlling idea or it’s confusing, let the writer know what he/she can do to make it clearer.

3.) What sections of the essay could use more details and/or examples about the writer’s personal experiences with technology? How well does the writer integrate evidence from the two sources into his/her essay?

4.) What do you think of the overall structure of the essay? Does it follow a chronological order or something else? How could the writer make it less predictable/formulaic (to avoid the five paragraph essay, for instance)?

5.) What specific sentences and/or paragraphs are confusing, unclear, or disorganized? Please suggest how the writer can improve his/her clarity/organization.

6.) To what extent does the conclusion successfully tie the paper together, reiterate the main idea, and leave the reader satisfied? If the writer does not have a conclusion, suggest ways in which the writer can bring the essay to a finish.

7.) Finally, what is your favorite part of the essay?

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