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Module 7: ePortfolio Project

The aim of this course, and the preceding modules has been to curate content for the start of your ePortfolio.

This resource lives in Canvas, and is an area where you can collect work across courses and phases of your degree, to showcase your progress or just simply to show off!

Using your submissions for this course as the initial content, we’ll set up the basic structure of your ePortfolio as our Final project.

Important Note: In no way is this meant to be a final, polished collection. This is meant to build the basics so that you can spend your academic journey adding to this and refining it. The goal is to complete your degree with an ePortfolio that you would be proud to share with a potential employer.

Following the ePortfolio guide (and using the creation Wizard) set up the basic structure of your ePortfolio. Download Following the ePortfolio guide (and using the creation Wizard) set up the basic structure of your ePortfolio.

While there is no specified length for each page of the ePortfolio, please exhibit measurable effort (you wouldn’t want to look back and cringe at how poorly this started out!)

As your submission, please Share the link to your Portfolio.

· Be sure to make it a “Public” portfolio, if it cannot be opened, it cannot be graded.

· Please note that this space is confidential, and only your instructor has access to it.

· Place your name in “Title” and paste the link to your Portfolio.

Your ePortfolio should contain the following parts:

Be sure to review the academic expectations for your submission.

Submission Instructions:

· The link to your Public ePortfolio is your submission.

· Submit your assignment by 11:59 p.m. ET on Saturday

· Review the rubric to determine how your assignment will be graded.

· Your assignment will be run through TurnItIn to check for plagiarism.

· Please check your results, make any necessary corrections, and resubmit a revised copy if the system identifies issues.

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