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Marginalized Identities and Sexual Assault

Over the past 4 weeks, we have gained extensive knowledge about sexual assault in the United States.

For this reflection, you will read more about topics related to sexual assault that discuss marginalized identities in some way (many also address response, intervention, or prevention). A list of articles will be provided to you.

Whichever article you choose to read, you will need to:

Let me know which article you chose to read
Summarize the main point of the article.
List 3 things you took away from the paper.
Discuss whether the paper discusses intersectionality or how multiple identities may impact an individual. If it doesn’t, how could it be improved by being more attuned to intersectionality, power, or oppression?
Discuss whether the paper discusses secondary victimization or institutional betrayal. If it doesn’t, is there any way that you could imagine that the focus of the article is related to secondary victimization or institutional betrayal?
Discuss what you think of the argument being made by the author.

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