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Macroeconomics Write Up

Click on the link to visit this website and read a FRED blog post from February, 2023, titled “Are labor supply and labor demand out of balance?” After reading the blog post, answer the questions below. (Cut and paste the URL to the blog post in a new browser window to read it if clicking on the link doesn’t open it.)

Click on the “Customize” link at the bottom left corner of the graph in the blog post. After the graph opens up in a new page, use the righthand side date box above the graph to change the end date to “2024-01-01.” Answer the following questions:

What is the URL for the graph you are using? (Click on “Share Links” on the bottom left of your graph and select “Image Short URL.” Copy the URL that appears in the pop-up window and copy & paste it here.)

What is the source of the data?

What are the units of the data on the civilian labor force level?

As of 2024-01-01, by how much are the labor supply and the labor demand out of balance? Is it a surplus or a shortage?
If this situation persists, explain what this might mean for you as you look for a job after graduating from college.
Don’t forget to come back to the discussion to read your classmates’ responses and comment and/or ask questions that further the discussion. In addition to posting your answers to the initial questions, you need to make a minimum of two follow-up posts that further the discussion in order to earn full credit.

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