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Literature Search Exercise

Research Question
Does employee empowerment improve the governance quality in public sector?


A primary research article is one in which the author(s) describe a study that they actually conducted. You can tell if an article is a primary research article if the authors use phrases such as “in this study…” or talk about collecting data or number of subjects or participants.

Do you think the article you chose is a primary research article? Why or why not?
Can you download the full text of the article in pdf or html?
If not, is the article available through Google Scholar?
Note: For this assignment, you do not need to get the full text of the article. But, if you should ever need an article that is not available via one of the previous options, then you can fill out an interlibrary loan request (this takes time, so should only be used if you have the time and really need the article).

Select one (1) article:
Is a primary research article,
Seems relevant to the research question,
Sounds interesting to you, and
Appears understandable (based on the title and summary/abstract).
Identify the authors, year, article title, journal name, volume and page numbers.
Based on the abstract, explain how this article might add to your understanding of the research topic.

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