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Kinds of Trauma

415 Assignment Week 2: Kinds of Trauma

Choose a kind of childhood trauma and address;

How common is it for children to experience this kind of trauma?

Are there specific effects that result from this kind of childhood trauma?

What kinds of behaviors do children who have undergone this kind of trauma demonstrate?

Give at least one example of an intervention that is based on science and has been used to address the issues found in children as a result of the trauma. Briefly discuss the overall results of this intervention.
Natural disasters

Economic stress
Military family stress, PTSD
When submitting your paper, please label or title the file as follows:
415 last name, first name week due
An example for this assignment would be: 415 Terzynski, John 2 (spaces included)
This format helps me download your work, provide feedback, and grade it in a timely manner. It also helps me to find your work and not lose it. Thank you in advance for using this format. It really helps me out!

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