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Just need help with: abstract and general discussion

Just need help with: abstract and general discussion

  1. Abstract
    1. The Abstract starts on its own page, with the word Abstract centered and bolded.
    2. Make sure your header and page number is still on this abstract page
    3. The abstract should be min 150 and max 250 words, and must include all of thefollowing elements:
      1. Identify your general problem or research question
      2. Note your participants for both studies
      3. Note your experimental method for both studies
      4. Note your findings for both studies
      5. Note your conclusions about the studies as a whole
    4. Please include effective keywords for your study (3-5 keywords or phrases)

    2. General Discussion —min 2 pages and max 3 pages

  2. Write the word General Discussion at the top of this section and center it. ItDOES NOT start on its own page.
  3. At the beginning of this section, give a brief reminder/summary of yourpredictions from study one and study two (do not copy hypotheses). Then provide a discussion of your results. In English (not statistics), tell me what you found. In this discussion, you talk about all of the following:
    1. An explanation of your findings – across both studies, did your results support or not support your hypothesis? (2 points)
    2. If you found support, tie it in with the prior research you cited in your literature review as well as your predictions. You need to refer back to your 10 literature and re-cite some of the studies you mentioned there.If you didn’t find any support for your hypotheses, contrast your findings with prior research. You can highlight differences in your methodologies. If one study found support and the other did not, try to explain the discrepancy. (3 points)
    3. Next, examine study limitations – would other Method have been better? Would sample be representative the population? Would other factors besides IV confound the results? Detect the limitations. (3 points)
    4. Propose future directions for research – If you could do your studies over again, what would you change? Or how might you expand them? (3 points)
    5. End your entire paper with an overall conclusion


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