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Instructions You are in charge of revising the Confetti Cuisine site


You are in charge of revising the Confetti Cuisine site. Using the 6_confetti_cuisine, you worked on, make a copy of the project folder, and rename the copy project1. Change depaul to your last name. DO NOT TURN IN 6_confetti_cuisine_node as your project.



You need to add three pages to the site. One of those pages must be a recipes page. You can add 3 – 6 recipes on that one page. DO NOT put a recipe on 3 to 6 different pages. You can design that info how you see fit.

The other two pages are your choice that will suit a cooking school website. Have at least 2 paragraphs of text for each page. No lorem ipsum allowed. You add images if you like. If you do, you must use the royalty-free photo sites provided in the Content section on our class site. You must add them to the correct folder. Failure to do so will be a deduction of points from your grade.

You must cite where you got the photo from. Look at the Cite your photos video under Resources in the Content section. You can put your citation in HTML using the <cite> tag or put all your citations in a word doc. If you use a word doc, you must add this in your zip folder when you submit your work. If you use Google Docs or anything that isn’t Microsoft Word, export the file as a Word doc.

In the package.json, change:

description to “My revision of Confetti Cuisine website”

author is your name

Add the routes for the additional HTML pages.

Add the HTML pages to the correct location in your root folder.

You may add or edit any CSS in the confetti_cuisine.css

Make correct changes in the package.json file. Then, you may style the pages as you see fit.

You can only use node.js, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for this project. You may not use any dependencies not discussed in class so far. Failure to do that will result in a zero for this project.

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