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I need someone to do this assignment for me in the next 5 days.

I need someone to do this assignment for me in the next 5 days.


Najwa is a Sudanese exile living in London. In the character of Najwa, the author dramatizes the conflict between Islamic and secular western values. At the beginning of the novel, living in Khartoum, in Africa, Najwa is very westernized, and she only practices Islam superficially. Through the subsequent events in her life as a Sudanese exile in England, however, she finds her way back to a closer relationship to her Islamic faith.

We never get lost because we can see the minaret of the mosque and head home towards it” (Minaret, 208). The novel connects the different phases in Najwa’s journey back to the full practice of Islam to several of the Five Pillars. In particular her practice (or lack of practice) of the Fast of Ramadan plays a particularly prominent role symbolizing Najwa’s changing relationship to Islam

Read the required novel: “Minaret” by Leila Aboulela

Probe Question:

  • Identify all the references to Ramadan in the novel. For each one, explain how Najwa’s observance (or non-observance) of Ramadan symbolizes her relationship at that phase of her life to Islam and to Islamic practices and Islamic moral principles. Be specific, precise, and give examples and evidence for your opinions. Write a minimum 800 word, maximum 900 word essay on this topic.
  • Important Note!! The novel uses flash-back and flash-forward techniques (chapters out of narrative sequence). Make sure you do not get confused by this and that your essay follows the chronological, biographical course of Najwa’s life beginning with her being a university student in Khartoum to her working as a maid in London in her early 30’s.
  • No additional research is required

Put word count at the end of the essay.

Essays and Worksheets will be graded on the quality of the analysis, and the quality of English composition.

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