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I have the Literature Review Draft MLA-Style

I have the Literature Review Draft


How this project relates to the rest of our projects

In project three, the literature review, you used your research to provide an overview of the conversation or debate about your topic. In this project, project four, you will write a persuasive research essay in which you include your literature review, and then add your own voice to the conversation. Finally, in project five, you will present your research in a new popular genre.

Purpose and audience for your persuasive research essay


In this persuasive research essay, you will enter into the academic and/or professional conversation happening about your topic. This is where you finally get to argue for your perspective! Use rhetorical appeals, persuasive techniques (including counterargument and rebuttal), and supporting evidence to convince your reader to agree with you.


You are writing for an academic or professional audience, but you get to choose how you want to narrow that audience. Who needs to hear your message the most? If you write to change your reader’s mind, who holds an opinion that needs to change? If you write to prompt your reader to act, who can take the actions you propose? You can assume that your reader has only a common-knowledge understanding of your topic; they are aware of the topic but not experts in the field. Avoid field-specific language that only experts will understand. If you need to include field-specific language, offer a definition.


Here are some examples of academic and professional audience groups: K-12 teachers, college teachers, state legislators, educational textbook publishers, education scholars, writing scholars, high school students, college students.Your project should include these parts


You may choose to have an explicit or an implied thesis statement. If you choose an explicit (direct) thesis, experiment with where you place it in the essay; don’t assume it’ll work best in the introduction. If you choose an implied (indirect) thesis statement, make sure your reader can still identify a main argument even though it is not obviously stated in one or two declarative sentences.


You should include a minimum of 7 credible and appropriate sources. Two of these sources must include perspectives that differ in some way from your own perspective. You already have 5 sources in your literature review. You should plan to edit and revise your literature review as you develop a better understanding of the purpose it will serve in your larger research essay. You will likely use some of these sources throughout the rest of your essay as well.

You will include a counter argument and rebuttal in your essay, so you should include at least 2 sources that offer a perspective that is different from your own perspective on your topic.

You should support your own perspective with evidence from sources. As you choose sources, think about what types of sources will appeal most to your chosen audience, as well as how you can use sources to compose appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos.

Include both quotes and paraphrases, adding in-text MLA citations where appropriate. As you do this, you will continue to practice using signal phrases and transitions.

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