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Human Service Counseling case study

You are a human service professional working with a single mother with three young children. She was recently evicted and has been living in her car and her children have not been attending school. She has no family or friends in the area to assist her.

Do you a) refer her to child protective services with the recommendation that her children be taken into protective custody foster care until she gets back on her feet, or b) work with her in obtaining services so that she can regain stability without having her children removed?
When explaining your chosen course of action discuss at least 5 variables that might cause you to choose one or the other options. For each of these variables, note whether they are judgment-based or objectively based.
Explain how you would assess the mental health and risk factors (including substance use).
Rate your interest in working with children and adolescents on a scale of 1-10, stating one positive and one negative.

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