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Guillain Barre syndrome


The graphics and text used on the design project reflects an exceptional degree of student creativity in their creation and/or display.

A realistic scenario is provided in SBARR format.

Five examples of appropriate delegation for each role based on the stated scenario is correctly identified.

· Guillain Barre syndrome (S.B.A.R.R REPORT)

· Situation – 80 year old female is brought to the emergency room after waking up this morning with and not being able to move any of of her upper lower extremetries due to the weakness and tingling

· Background – she reports feeling FLU like symptoms for the last three to four weeks for which she went ahead and took the flu vaccine two weeks ago.

· Hx- currently in remission from non-hodgkins lymphoma from having it four years ago, history of hypertension

· Assessment

· Recommendation- Physical therapy three to four times a week to regain range of motion and strength, plasma exchange and immunoglobulin therapy every six months.

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