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GOV 630 Public HR Management Case Study 2.1 Week 2

1. A case study should include:
– A brief (1 or 2 pages) summary of the case,
– A response (3 or 5 paragraphs) to each of the four questions at the end of the case and
– Anything else that you consider relevant to understanding the case and your responses
2. A review of the IPMA report should be substituted for a case study, as listed in the weekly assignments in week seven.
– The summary of the report should be three to five.
3. All submissions should meet acceptable standards of grammar and structure.
4. All ideas, facts, and conclusions that are not the author’s own intellectual property must be cited. Otherwise, it is plagiarism

Cases in Human Resource Management, David Kimball
Case Study 2.1 The External Environment: When State Government Offers Early Retirement

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