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GEOG 1710 Section 300 – Earth Science (Fall 2022 1)

Unlimited Attempts Allowed


Watch the video.

Lab Assignment
Items to turn in:

p. 9-6 – Residence time calculations

p. 9-7 to 9-8: Case study #1 Questions

What is the US doing to adapt to flooding caused by climate change?
How do the US and Dutch strategies compare?
Which of the Dutch solutions would be feasible in poorer, developing countries?
Relevant Links

The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas (NY Times)Links to an external site.
Room for the River (YouTube)Links to an external site.
Dutch Homeowners Move to Make Room for the River (YouTube)Links to an external site.(transcript Download transcript- for a closed caption version of the video, contact the lab instructor)
How Cities Can Prevent Floods (YouTube)Links to an external site.
p. 9-9 to 9-11 Case study #2 Questions

How does the US response differ from HARITA?
Which is a more effective climate change adaptation? Why?
Relevant Link

OXFAM Managing Risks to Agricultural LivelihoodsLinks to an external site.
Oxfam America HARITA pdf Download Oxfam America HARITA pdf

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