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Foreign Exchange Market

Company: Pepsi Country: France Using the Foreign Exchange Market 6. Explain how you will use the spot market for your business. 2 marks 7. What bank do you plan to use to exchange the foreign currency received for dollars? What is the bid/ask spread on a recent quotation by that bank? Accessing Recent Exchange Rates 8. Explain how the main foreign currency for your business has changed over last three years with respect to dollars. Is this trend favorable or unfavorable to the parent company? Provide a diagram/chart etc. for the trend. 4 marks 9. Using forecast formula in excel, prepare a forecast for 2025,2026,2027 and 2028 of foreign currency w.r.t dollar. Do you think this forecasted value of foreign currency is favorable or unfavorable? Explain. 5 marks Here is a quick video on how to use forecast function in excel Forecast Function in Excel

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