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Find and partially transcribe the lyrics to a song about social change. Explain the meanings of these lyrics using and clearly integrating one of our theories

 Please respond to all questions in a complete paragraph. Do not repeat the question in the answer. All questions should be followed by a reference. 


Find and partially transcribe the lyrics to a song about social change.  Explain the meanings of these lyrics using and clearly integrating one of our theories as presented in Chapter Three of our text: Functionalist Theory, Conflict Theory, Interpretive Theory, Reconciling Agency and Structure. 


This week's discussion will be on the COVID-19 global pandemic and the significant stresses and tragedies in the lives of children, families, and communities.

Important points to guide you in this week's discussion include:

· Focus on the impacts of trauma on children or their parents/ families/ communities.

· Include your ideas on services and resources you think should be available to help the population you chose (children or parents/ families/ communities).

· You can discuss the effects on both children and parents/families/communities.


Childhood obesity, as well as ADHD, has been blamed on artificial additives. Choose one of these issues and present an argument either supporting or opposing these claims.


Food safety goes beyond just separate, clean, cook, and chill – being in a global, interconnected society, there are unfortunately nefarious people who want to cause harm to others and look to the food supply to carry out their crimes.

Food defense, as you have learned from your reading this week, incorporates preventative efforts against tampering and bioterrorism. Food fraud is typically for economic gain, and involves intentionally altering ingredients, providing misleading packaging information, or otherwise misleading the consumer about the contents of a food item. 

For this discussion, find an article or web resource that provides an example or illustration of food fraud, tampering, or bioterrorism. Post a link and summarize the article.

Next, describe the main responsibilities that every citizen should have when it comes to food security.

What should they do if they see an issue pertaining to food safety and defense? Do you know what resources to use to report an incident or suspicion? Do some research and find out where and how you should report suspicious activity in terms of food, and post that information as the final part of your post. 


Smartphones have truly taken over our lives. Most of us rely on our smartphone so much that we couldn't imagine a day without it. In the mid-2000s, social media and smartphone technology were starting to collide. By around 2010, most smartphones had touchscreens. 

Please do some research and share how the growth of social media has impacted the sport industry. We know that most stadiums and arenas now provide wireless internet, but how are sport organizations actually reaching fans? Please try and locate as many unique examples as possible.  What are three recommendations you would use to increase your own sport marketing followers on social media?  Please include cutting edge recent references for increasing followers.


In 2021, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report titled, The Future of Water: Water Insecurity Threatening Global Economic Growth, Political Stability . You can access the report here –

This is a deeper look into the issue of water scarcity and the global implications that can come from not having enough water. The goal of reading this report is to take you as a student beyond your home and give you a wider perspective of future plans and how those plans will impact our water supply. What happens when we reach the point where there is not enough fresh, available drinking water for everyone? Think of all the processes for which water is a necessity from food production to the manufacturing of goods, waste treatment, energy production, and many others. Read the report and then post the following discussion:

· How realistic is the goal of achieving universal access to a clean water supply under current political and economic conditions?

You must support your answer with scientific evidence from the report, other learning materials from this week, or other reputable sources. You can reference those sources by simply including a link at the end of your post. 


(1.)  Discuss the differences between financial and managerial accounting. What types of documents are prepared by business organization using financial and managerial accounting?

(2.)  Please visit the  Institute of Management Accountants site. What can you find to share about the accounting profession?


What are cryptocurrencies? Are there risks associated with cryptocurrencies?


Describe the characteristics of police professionalism and how this relates to ethics.  What are the most ethical issues in today's era of policing and what do you think department leaders can do to deal with the ethical issues to gain public support?

Discussion Guidelines

According to Grant (2002), officers must also maintain their personal lives private and acknowledge the badge as a symbol of public faith and confidence. The police code of conduct and the law enforcement code of ethics work together. The code of conduct is a set of ethical guidelines that law enforcement agents follow when carrying out their jobs. Acting impartially, using caution, using only required force, and maintaining confidentiality, honesty, and a professional image at all times are all part of these rules (Grant, 2002). These ethical declarations, together with appropriate training and competent leadership, inspire law enforcement officers to pursue a career in which they are ethical. Corruption is an ethical concern that police officers face. Strong leadership, changes in the selection and socialization of new officers, changes in departmental organization and operations, and changes in the environment in which the department works are listed as characteristics of police corruption, and four methods for controlling corruption in law enforcement agencies are suggested, including strong leadership, changes in the selection and socialization of new officers, changes in departmental organization and operations, and changes in the environment in which the department works (Grant, 2002).

Grant, K. (2002). Ethics and Criminal Justice. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 71(12), 11–14. 


 Discuss the various search patterns used in a crime scene investigation and how it is determined which method to use.


The diversity of the U.S. population has changed significantly over several decades, and more shifts are expected over the next 10 to 20 years. Some examples include:

1) Construction firms are employing large numbers of Hispanic/Latinos and they must adapt their recruiting, training, and safety practices to reflect this diversity in their workforce;

2) Manufacturing, hospitality, and retail companies have significantly increased the number of minority and women managers and employees over the past several decades, which has resulted in more African America, Latino, and women customers;

3) Long-haul trucking companies are focusing on recruiting and training women to counter a growing shortage of drivers over the next decade.

Questions for Discussion: Post to the discussions by midnight Thursday and respond to at least 2 members of the class by midnight, Sunday of the week using critical analysis and scholarly discussions.

1. What do you think are the major reasons that more organizations are recruiting a diverse workforce? 2. What are some ways that recruiting could and should be done differently to attract more African Americans? Latinos? Women? 3. What are some ways that training could/should be done differently for African Americans? Latinos? Women? For example, establishing ESL programs, affinity groups, and/or mentoring programs in-house.


 Many composers kept diaries during their lives. Choose a composer from the twentieth (or twenty-first) century and an important event from that composer's life. Consider how this event relates to the music the composer wrote. Write a diary entry related to that event in 1st person voice, as if the composer wrote it (Your choice should  not be in the Jazz, blues, pop, rock, rap, or any popular music genres.  Not sure?  Search <   20th century composers   >.). Provide a link to a sound file or YouTube video of the composer's music, to help classmates become more familiar with this individual's work. In the subject line for your post, include the composer's name.  List any websites or other sources you used to write your post at the bottom of the post.

2.    What is your personal reaction/response to this composer and/or the music we have studied so far in class? How does learning about music apply to your life and/or past experiences? 


Present an argument, with research, that the government should or should not stop all spying on anyone who is a confirmed citizen by birth or naturalization. If you chose "should not," be sure to explain under what circumstances and by what theory such spying is morally justified.


Mali and Ghana were two of the most important empires in Africa. How did they compare to one another? 

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