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ESSAY: Marketing Implications of Consumer Ingratitude

ESSAY: Marketing Implications of Consumer Ingratitude

The essay will be 2 pages single spaced , not including a required list of references

Consumer ingratitude involves the deliberate non-reciprocation of a benefit provided by a business organization. One example might be accepting a free dinner invitation without the slightest intention of even listening to a sales presentation at the event. Another might be a free extended period trial of Cable service where there is no intent to obtain a paid subscription. A third example would be heavy and excessive use of a product and a consumer’s complaint of a product defect based on its deterioration, which results in a free new product replacement from the manufacturer. A fourth example is the case of a heart surgeon who performs a life-saving procedure and receives a complaint that the surgery was not offered in the morning, in preference to another patient. A fifth example is a situation where a restaurant patron receives excellent service from the waiter/waitress but declines to leave a tip.

In your essay you must substantially develop your definition and understanding of the concept of consumer ingratitude. In addition, you should provide an extensive list of your own examples of consumer ingratitude beyond those that I have furnished to you.

Additional readings will be found on the course listing in Blackboard. Apply what you learn about ingratitude to several marketing areas and problems. Your paper will demonstrate an understanding of how and why knowledge of consumer ingratitude can be used for practical marketing strategies. Your essay should address how marketers can use such knowledge and information to advantage in developing and positioning product offerings, targeting consumers, communicating and motivating them to express gratitude, rather than to enact ingratitude. The essay should explore several product categories, such clothing, food, luxury items, etc.

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