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Review Discharge Planning Case Study below:

Scenario: The case manager has been following a patient who has been in Miami Dade College Hospital for about a month now. The patient was critical at one time but has now progressed to a point where the hospital can do little more to help the patient. The patient is going to need 24-hour nursing care, but not at a level that requires acute care hospitalization. Since the patient does not meet criteria required to remain in the hospital, the UR coordinator refers the patient to the physician advisor for review. The physician advisor agrees that the patient does not need acute care hospitalization.

What is Case Management:

Role of a Case Manager:

Instructions: Complete the requirements of the assignment by utilizing information found within the textbook of Quality Performance Improvement in Healthcare. As the case manager, you should concentrate on:

Identifying the problem or challenge and offer options for the patient.
Determine individuals and healthcare professionals involvement in the patient’s discharge planning.
Discuss recommendations for patient and why?
Offer appropriate setting for patient, provide information of setting and why?
Explain the preparation process of the patient’s discharge clinically, economically, and administratively.
Discuss the expected outcome of the problem or challenge.

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