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Depressive Disorders

DSM-5-TR Summaries Assignments

Complete a 1-page summary of a category of Anxiety disorders

It should include the following headings: Overview, age-related factors, differential diagnosis, Disorders Risk, and Prognostic Factors.

DSM-5 Assignment Rubric:

Clearly describes how this diagnostic category fits in the DSM-5, e.g., Neurodevelopmental, Mood Disorder, etc. and what other subcategories of diagnoses are included and how they differ.

Succinctly and accurately notes if there are age criteria for making this diagnosis and if there are specific developmental considerations in how symptoms may be expressed.

Lists and briefly describes rule-out diagnoses that should be considered.

ExcellentDescribes the research findings regarding the course and outcome of the disorder over time. Uses APA 7th Edition to cite and reference the evidence.

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