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Demonstrate understanding of leadership principles and tools in managing multicultural interdisciplinary organizations and teams through the development, and


  • Demonstrate understanding of leadership principles and tools in managing multicultural interdisciplinary organizations and teams through the development, and promotion, of a positive organizational culture.
  • Everything required for this is in the attached document

Course Objective for Assignment: 

· Demonstrate understanding of leadership principles and tools in managing multicultural interdisciplinary organizations and teams through development, and promotion, of a positive organizational culture.


Over the past few weeks, we have discussed communication, cultural competency, health literacy, and teamwork. This week the class focused on special populations with information on vulnerable populations to various types of healthcare settings that you may encounter during your career. As a healthcare administrator, understanding the different populations will be essential. You may have to provide information to your team, as well as, your community on the types of individuals that are cared for within your organization and discuss the types of healthcare needs that are present within your community. Additionally, you may have to work with external parties to form partnership to deliver the care needed within your community. Creating community partnerships is beneficial for the organization, as effective and meaningful partnerships that offer community-based solutions can improve health equity, and patient outcomes, and foster a multi-sector collaboration. These partnerships can also improve an organization’s image, increase visibility, and allow your healthcare services to be viewed as valuable member of the community.

Assignment Scenario:

You are a healthcare administrator for your nonprofit healthcare system. You oversee one of your system’s facilities and one of your requirements, as a nonprofit, is to demonstrate that your organization meets nonprofit status, which requires different types of activities to occur. One type of activity that a nonprofit healthcare organization may conduct relates to establishing community partnerships. You have been asked to oversee the community partnership program. You will need to create a taskforce for this program and will need to create an interdisciplinary leadership team that will support the various activities of the community partnership program. Your taskforce leaders will be from your healthcare system. You will present your taskforce team information to your organization’s executive leadership team, providing them with insight on the reason for the role selection, information about a special population or several populations, and provide examples about the community partnership program, using the Community Partnership Program: Taskforce Information Template.   Community Partnership Program Template

Complete the Community Partnership Program Template

Identify three to five leaders to participate on your community partnerships taskforce. This interdisciplinary team should be diverse, represents multiple departments, and should be in a director-level or higher leadership role within the organization. Supporting external evidence will need to be presented using APA 7th Edition formatting. Provide  at least 4 references with correlating in-text citations. Your references should be from the last five years, collected from the weekly course content, and you may include a maximum of two additional resources outside of the weekly content from your own personal research. Include a coverage page and a reference page with your Community Partnership Program: Taskforce Information Document.

You will need to include the following information for your taskforce assignment:

1. Identify the location of your healthcare system. You will base your taskforce on this specific location, which must be within the United States, to create your taskforce.

2. State the leadership role for each member of your taskforce. (Each leader will be from your organization.)  Examples: Chief Nursing Officer, Director of Case Management, Business Development Director, or similar roles. 

3. Explain why each role will be important for the taskforce.

4. Provide an example of how each role can positively contribute to the community partnership taskforce for a special health population with your community partner.

5. Describe the characteristics of the special population that you discussed in your example.

6. Identify a community partner for your example, provide their website or contact information, and include a summary of their services and/or products. 

(Please note that this exact example may not be presented in your assignment submission.)

Example of One Community Partnership Taskforce Leader:

Location of Healthcare Facility: Philadelphia, PA

Taskforce Leader #1: Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

Reasoning for Taskforce Leader #1: A CNO serving on the taskforce may be very beneficial with establishing and supporting the various tasks of a community partnership program. According to American Mobile Nurses Healthcare (2020), executive nurse leaders have an ability to engage a wide range of employees, which could allow for greater employee buy-in on specific projects. A CNO may oversee many departments or teams such as pharmacy, radiology department, risk management, quality, case management, volunteers, behavioral health, long term care, and possibly many more, depending of the size and type of the healthcare organization (Pagano, 2017).  Executive nurses may be involved in numerous activities such as clinical oversight, organizational cultural development, strategy, operations, finance, community outreach, partnership development, and risk management (Counte, 2019). Based on the role and activities of a CNO that are presented above, this would be some of the primary reasons to include this leader on the taskforce.

Special Population Example with a Description of Contribution for Taskforce Leader #1: The community partnership taskforce decides to host a LGBTQ health clinic that is free, or reduced cost, providing healthcare screenings and services within the local area. The CNO can assist with identifying nurses and other clinicians to work at the clinic; identify specific screenings and health services that should be provided for this event; design a pathway to identify LGBTQ individuals that may be at greater risk for other health issues; and serve as a liaison to ensure that the event is appropriately coordinated with the other taskforce members to support this specific population’s needs. 

Primary Characteristics of the Selected Population from the Example for Taskforce Leader #1:

Community Partner’s (Organization) Name: Mazzoni Center

Community Partner’s Website:

Summary of the Community Partner’s Services and/or Products with a Reasoning for Partnership (1-2 paragraphs long) Example -This center offers quality health and wellness services that are focused on the LGBTQ environment (Mazzoni Center, 2021). The organization works with many healthcare providers, creating partnerships that were built around the AIDS crisis in the early 1980s and have been servicing the Philadelphia community since their inception (Mazzoni Center, 2021). Creating a partnership with this organization would allow us to ensure that we are reaching this population in our local community, providing them greater access to healthcare services that this center may not provide. We would work with the center to identify their needs and determine the best way to host a LBGTQ health clinic in our area.

Reference for example (Please note that you must provide a separate APA reference page, as this is only an example): Mazzoni Center. (2021). About Us.  Mazzoni Center.

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