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Cyber Security Question

If an organization’s data is stored in the cloud rather than on-premises, is the data owner still accountable if the cloud provider suffers a breach and data is stolen? Why or why not?

The data owner remains accountable for data protection even if it is stored in the cloud and the provider suffers a breach. This accountability is grounded in legal obligations, data control, and the terms outlined in contractual agreements. According to the shared responsibility model, while cloud service providers are responsible for securing the cloud infrastructure, the organizations are responsible for securing their data within that infrastructure. This model ensures that data owners uphold their data protection responsibilities. The recent Microsoft Cloud breach of 2023 demonstrates this situation, where vulnerabilities were exploited, highlighting the need for security measures from both the CSP and the data owner to protect sensitive information.

Would an organization’s data classification scheme affect how well-protected data is in the cloud?

Yes, an organization’s data classification scheme significantly affects how well-protected data is in the cloud. Data classification helps determine data sensitivity and informs the necessary security measures such as encryption, access controls, and retention policies. By categorizing data based on its sensitivity and importance, organizations can tailor their security protocols to ensure that more critical data receives more robust protection. This proactive approach is crucial for mitigating risks and enhancing data security in cloud environments. Effective data classification allows for more efficient monitoring, auditing, and incident response practices, improving overall cloud data protection.



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