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Challenges will arise in field placement. Often, challenges turn into barriers that minimize our motivation and leave us feeling disconnected. Once these feelings take hold, the learning process halts. Your supervisor can provide assistance when you are faced with challenges in the placement. Sweitzer and King (2019) outline a number of steps to take when solving problems and changing situations. They outline an eight-step process of change. In this Discussion, you apply skills and strategies to challenges in the field education experience.

To prepare: Review the “Metamodel for Breaking through Barriers: Eight Steps to Creating Change” section of your course text.

Required Readings
Sweitzer, H. F., & King, M. A. (2019). The successful internship: Personal, professional, and civic development in experiential learning(5th ed.). Cengage.
Chapter 8, “Advanced Strategies for Moving Ahead” (pp. 207–234)
Note: You will apply the information found in the section “A Metamodel for Creating Change” and “Breaking Through Barriers: Eight Steps to Creating Change” in this week’s Discussion.


Identify a challenge that you may be having in your field placement.
Explain how you will use the metamodel process to work toward change so that your learning can continue.
Be sure to give specifics on what you will do to incorporate the change steps.

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