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Communication, Ethics, and a Command Decision

Write a 4-5 page analysis of ethical aspects surrounding a decision of the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt to disseminate a plea for help for his COVID-19-stricken ship and write a communication detailing lessons learned from the incident.

Consider the Captain’s decision to send the letter, the manner in which the letter was sent, and the recipients of the letter. Complete both parts of this assessment in a single Word document. Be sure to cite all sources using the APA reference style.

Part 1: Analyze the Scenario
Analyze the ethical decision that the Captain faced as it relates to how he communicated his plea and in the context of his position. Consider the sender, receiver, message, and channel.
Analyze the primary failures and successes of the Captain’s communication strategy. Make sure to consider how the letter was distributed, the Captain’s possible intent, and the content of the letter.
If this situation had occurred in the private sector and not the military, would the outcomes have been similar or different? Defend your reasoning.
Part 2: Write a Communication
Imagine that you were the commanding officer of another naval ship who had followed this sequence of events closely. Your ship’s Public Affairs Officer reports to you and is responsible for many of the ship’s external communications, and you are anxious to share your lessons learned from the USS Theodore Roosevelt situation.

Send a communication to your Public Affairs Officer that conveys and re-enforces the primary lessons learned from the incident on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Be sure you focus on the actions of the Captain. The medium is your choice, but it is also very important, so state the medium you have chosen within your message and the reason you feel it is the most appropriate medium to use. Address possible reasons such as confidentiality, tone, and convention.

Complete both parts of this assessment in a single Word document.
Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA style and formatting
Length: Part 1 should be 3–4 pages, double-spaced, and Part 2 should be 1 page, double-spaced. Page count does not include your cover page or reference page.
Cited resources: Use a minimum of three scholarly sources. All literature cited should be current, with publication dates within the past five years!!!!!!!!
Short Assignment Read this and answer the 7 questions!!!!!

Captain Brett Crozier, a thirty-year veteran of the United States Navy, was in command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier with x sailors on board. In March 2020, Crozier faced a problem: Many members of his crew were contracting and becoming ill from the then-new COVID-19 virus.

Captain Crozer wrote a letter in which he asked to move sailors off the ship to contain the outbreak. The communication was sent to several recipients in the Navy, and eventually someone shared the letter with the news media. The situation became front-page news. The Navy announced that it would remove thousands of sailors from the carrier; Captain Crozier was then fired from command of the Theodore Roosevelt.

Some senior leaders believed that Captain Crozier had circumvented the chain of command because he was worried that his immediate leader would suppress the issue and expose the sailors to unnecessary danger. The situation he was in, as well as the decision to write the letter, are fraught with ethical dilemmas.

1. What was the dilemma the captain faced?

2. How might he have made his decision to write the letter?

3. Should the Captain have sent the letter? Why or why not?

4. Was the content of the communication appropriate?

5. What, if anything, should he have done differently?

6. Was his firing justified?

7. How do you think his crew felt? Is that relevant?

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