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CELLULAR respiration

You will create a slideshow (such as PowerPoint) with one picture on each slide as well as its description below. To obtain the points, they must be your original photos (they can be old ones on your camera roll), but they cannot be photos off the internet nor screenshots of things like our class materials.

1. Reactant (take a photo of a food that enters cellular respiration)

2. Product (take a picture of something that is made from cellular respiration)

3. Organism (take a photo of something that does cellular respiration)

4. Alcohol Fermentation (take a photo of something made using alcohol fermentation)

5. Lactic Acid Fermentation (take a photo of something made using lactic acid fermentation)

6. Product Organism (take a photo of an organism that utilizes the products of cellular respiration to do its own separate metabolic process. Hint: one of the 3 major processes in the Metabolic Pathways slideshow)

7. Organelle (take a photo of something shaped like the organelle that does cellular respiration)

8. ATP (take a photo of you using the ATP you made during cellular respiration)

9. Drawing (draw out all of cellular respiration on paper and take a picture of it)

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