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All instructions included in uploaded files.

All instructions included in uploaded files. Please go off of the results provided with the highlighted numbers, when writing paper.

It is important that you demonstrate a grasp of Social Style concepts; use this as an opportunity to highlight not only what we have discussed/covered in class, but also any additional outside research you may elect to do. The report may be as comprehensive and thorough as you deem appropriate (within a 4-page minimum and 10-page maximum range.) The length of your paper within those two boundaries is entirely up to you to decide based upon what you think you need to turn in a high-quality paper), double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font (it must be turned in using this format to ensure consistency with your peers.) Submit the report via Canvas on or before the due date which may be found in the “Assignments” section of the WebCampus module for this class as well as below. Secondary Sources and Citations I highly recommend the use of secondary sources beyond those provided in the “Social Styles” module in WebCampus. With that in mind, be certain to properly cite your outside research. Assignment Submission All papers must be submitted in WebCampus using turnitin. As noted in the syllabus, no late assignments will be accepted without agreed-upon prior arrangement. There are no exceptions

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