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A4. Digestion Study Guide

In this module’s activity/worksheet, you’re going to use the powerpoint lecture (Module 3/Body Basics) to fill in the blanks about each of the digestive tract organs, sphincter muscles, and accessary glands. Specifically, you’re going to list the following for each of these structures (if applicable):

its mechanical digestive action or function

the chemical digestive enzymes/substances released from it

which macronutrient(s) are digested chemically by each of these enzymes
which hormone(s) are released from it (and what these hormones do)
what sensations trigger the release of these hormones
After you’ve done your best finding all the answers in the powerpoint, review the answer key posted in Module 3 to make corrections and fill in any remaining blanks.
Print, complete, and scan or upload a picture of this activity/worksheet, following the directions above for full credit. Alternatively, you can simply type your answers directly into the word doc and upload the file instead.
A4.Digestion Study Guide.docxDownload A4.Digestion Study Guide.docx

A4.Digestion Study Guide.pdfDownload A4.Digestion Study Guide.pdf

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